Flames Hair Extensions
At Flames we specialise in human hair extensions. We believe human hair is the best for use in hair extensions. Our hair is obtained from reputable sources as virgin remy, meaning that this hair has never been chemically processed and most importantly it's collected in a single direction. We believe that hair extensions should blend and feel as comfortable as your natural hair, you should be free to colour or perm them and most importantly they should never tangle and become matted.

Who should see us
If you're interested in getting real hair extensions or you already have your own hair extensions and want them repaired, altered or re-applied then you need to see us.

Why you should see us
Because there's not one hair extensions system that is appropriate for all people we strongly encourage customers to book in for a free extension consult. This will take approximately 30 mins, in which time we will show you the different hair types as well as allow you to see and feel the various application and removal methods.

Included with every extension application
With every extension application we will cut, blow dry and style your hair extensions, we will also show you how to maintain them.

After Care
To ensure your extensions look and feel great download our after care instructions here.

Click here to see our hair extension applications.

For all your extension after care needs we recommend Keune Extension Care

For that instant get up and go glamour look try our custom clip in extensions.